Cage-Free Pet Boarding

There’s No Place Like Home… And There’s No Place Like Paradise Ranch For Your Pets When You’re Away!

Our Style of Dog Boarding is designed to provide your pet with a totally “enriched” boarding experience, which we accomplish by giving pets the things they need most:  behavioral choices, exercise, socialization, and the absence of stress.

Dogs prefer real homes and outdoor play yards over kennels or warehouses. By their very nature, they require socialization with other dogs and with people, not solitary confinement.

Our experienced staff of trained dog handlers segregates the dogs according to size and temperament, and monitors each pack so that all dogs are in a stress-free environment. The dogs are rotated through several fun yards during the day (including our fantastic water park), and they sleep slumber-party-style in real homes with a bunch of new friends at night. And they are never locked up or left alone…that’s right, there are no cages here. You can share their experience by checking in on any of our 11 webcams.  We also offer private play times, swim times, massages, birthday parties, and a full line of dog training!

Paradise Ranch Boarding RatesNightly Rate7+ Nights14+ Nights
Dog Boarding (per night) - One Pet$74$69$64
Dog Boarding (per night) - Multiple Pets (each)$64$59$54
Holiday Boarding Rates (per night) - One Pet$89$89$89
Holiday Boarding Rates (per night) - Multiple Pets (each)$89$89$89
Holiday Dates, 2017July 1 - 4Nov. 21 - 27Dec. 21 - Jan. 2

Paradise Ranch Doggie Day Care & Transportation
Doggie Day Care
$35/day $300/10-day package
Mutt Cab
(Pet transportation)
($1.50/mile after 30 miles)
No charge for additional dog(s)
Trip to Vet$35 (our vet)$75 (your vet)

*Please Reserve in Advance During Busy Times, such as Holidays.