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What Our Clients Say

Just a great place, we take our dogs and cats there, always a positive experience. Penny , Sherry and Brianna do a wonderful job, as does Laura on the weekends, all the staff who deal with the pets are very professional and caring.
There is a trainer named Elias who is amazing, we booked several sessions for our german shorthaired pointer, which was very effective.

Paradise Ranch is spacious and in pristine condition. I could stay in one of their cottages myself. They are simply the best.

Edward K. of Pasadena

5-star Yelp Review (on 9-29-12)

wow, this place is LEGIT! they are so professional, my god, this is how all daycares should be run.

i drive 20 miles roundtrip OUT OF MY WAY to/from work to bring my dogs here, because this is by far the best doggie daycare. all the others i have looked at were comparable in price, but unsanitary, smaller, unsupervised, terrrrrible.

one thing i like about this facility is the security measures. there are ALOT of gates, including the entrance gate which can only be opened by the attendant, where a security cam sits. they monitor who drops off/picks up the dogs, and only allow in those cars. then a trainer personally escorts my dogs in and out for their safety.

PR does everything right. During morning/night nap times they sleep on real beds with other dogs, supervised by trainers. They rotate through different fun yards, always supervised by trainers. You can watch for yourself on one of their many online webcams.

Other reviews preceding me seemed to be misinformed on the quality of the trainers. The trainers are SUPPOSED to NOT play/ be affectionate/ show favorism to any dogs because that will destabilize the pack and can cause fights. To be the pack leader they are SUPPOSED to appear aloof and hands off. HOWEVER I did notice on the webcams that when they are in the bedrooms (NOT the play areas) the trainers do often lay down and cuddle with the dogs- proof that they are truly warm and dog loving people who have waited for an appropriate time to show affection. BTW for those responsible dog owners out there, you will be shown an orientation video when you go in for your behavioral evaluation that explains all of their training methods and policies (duh, pay attention and they’ll tell you what I just said).


Donkey D. of Pasadena

5-star Yelp Review (on 5-17-12)

No place like this!
When my dog was sick, they gave him a private yard to play in. For no extra charge! They are the most caring and loving professionals in the business! beautiful facilities. This is a go-to place when I leave town. Love love love you guys! Thank you for being so awesome!

Sasha F. of Los Angeles

5-star Yelp Review (on 6-9-12)

This place is really great. Very clean and the staff is nice. My dogs are like children to me, so I’m very particular about where they stay. Paradise Ranch took fantastic care of my high energy boxer. It was great to be able to see him playing on the webcams and sleeping in a bed with other dogs. If you want a kennel that treats your dogs like family, this is the place. I’ll never go anywhere else!

Kelly M. of Santa Clarita

5-star Yelp Review (on 2-19-12)

This is the BEST daycare and overnight boarding for dogs. My two Labrador puppies have been staying here since they were about 5-6 months old. They LOVE it. I would definitely recommend that you have your dog stay for daycare a couple of times before just leaving them for a weekend or longer. My dogs come home calm, happy, tired and always get so excited to stay here. We went to Europe for 2 weeks and never worried once that they were in good hands. They have a water park and teach the dogs to swim if you want. We haven’t used their training staff as our dogs were trained by another trainer closer to our house. We drive from the South Bay to board our pets here for a weekend or longer. The staff is excellent, nice, professional and amazing. Can’t say enough good things about them!

Michele W. of Santa Monica

5-star Yelp Review (on 4-26-13)

Love this place!!!! It is truly a paradise and a five star resort for Dogs. The security is awesome. I love the fact that I can check on my babies anytime on the web cam.

Luni M. of Acton

5-star Yelp Review (on 7-19-12)

I drive all the way from Yorba Linda to board my bull terrier, Nitro here. He’s always happy to leave me to go play with the other dogs and doesn’t even bother to look back at me!

I utilized their 3 week board and train and boy there was a big difference in my little bull terrier after. He is now very obedient (but he’s still a dog 😉 we can’t expect him to be a little robot after all) when before he was a little too much for most people including myself to handle. Knowing that his breed is not the easiest to train I can highly recommend CORA with Paradise ranch as an excellent trainer and she is fully capable of training even the most stubborn of breeds.

Shana W. of Irvine

5-star Yelp Review (on 3-16-10)

Paradise Ranch is truly a dogs paradise and an AMAZING facility! A dog owner my whole life, I had never once boarded any of my dogs. After visiting 4 other places I knew instantly that Paradise Ranch was far superior. If I hadn’t been sold by the cleanliness, the outdoor areas, the water park, the cage free environment, the bedrooms with actual beds in them, the staff, etc. I was definitely sold by the 12 web cams. This facility obviously has nothing to hide. I watched my little dog during my trip more than I’ll ever admit to, it was addicting. Usually shy, this 6 pounder ran all day long until he crashed on a human bed at night. When I went to pick him up they handed me an ADORABLE holiday photo of him complete with gold booties. I can’t rave enough about this wonderful place and am finally free to go away on vacation without worrying about my “best friend”.

Terri L. of Los Angeles

5-star Yelp Review (on 11-26-11)

This is the most amazing place if you have a pet. It is completely cage-free, with unbelievably beautiful grounds, including areas for small dogs, areas for large dogs, pools, and places for cats. There are indoor bedrooms probably nicer than most people’s homes, living room areas, training yards, and grooming areas. However, the best thing about Paradise Ranch is the people who work there. They truly love animals and are so wonderful to your pet. They really do treat them as their own. My golden retriever, Henry, went through some behavior issues and with their help and training, I now have a completely different dog. I’m pretty sure that it was me who got trained and for the better. He was fearful, insecure, unsure about decisions to make regarding behavior with other dogs and with humans, and now he runs around in the big dog yard with everyone, happy as anything. He is friendly, has good manners, plays with others well, and listens to commands (most of the time), all thanks to the wonderful people who work at Paradise Ranch. Even though I don’t really need to, I send him there once a week just to socialize with the other dogs and to have a change in his daily routine. He comes back to me exhausted and happy. If you have to go out of town and worry about who is taking care of your baby, there is no better place on earth to send your pet child than to Paradise Ranch. You will have no worries at all. They are just the most amazing people with the biggest hearts. I just love everyone there and so does my Henry. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do for our family.

Judith D. of Van Nuys

5-star Yelp Review (on 12-10-09)

Wonderful experience! Went on vacation for 12 days and dogs came back calm albeit a bit tired from all the interaction with the other dogs. Had we left them in a kennel for that long they would have needed a week to recover.

The thing I love about this place is that they don’t allow the dogs to bark at will, it’s a nice soothing and relaxing experience from the time you enter to the time you leave.

I visited there on a really hot day and they had several areas where a mist of cool water sprays into the air where a dog can access.

My dog was previously aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs but after a couple of lessons with Elias and the staff’s knowledgeable demeanor my dog was able to adjust rather quickly and is much better now with other animals.

Great job!

Robert S. of Tujunga

5-star Yelp Review (on 9-19-11)

If you want a guilt-free and worry-free place to leave your puppy while you go out of town, Paradise Ranch is the spot! I used the webcam feature every chance I got. 9 times out of 10 I found my dog Luna (it’s a big place with many cameras so you have to search sometimes), and 100% of the time she looked like she was having a good time. She slept on a queen sized bed (complete with pillows) with another Great Dane. I didn’t call once to check on her because it was obvious she was fine. So instead of feeling like I abandoned her, it felt more like I sent her to summer camp!

When I picked her up, she was very happy to see me but didn’t seem like she was dying to leave (I’ve taken her to a few daycares where she couldn’t charge out the door fast enough and was a nervous wreck when I picked her up).

Other notes: The staff are very friendly and welcoming. I liked their detailed evaluation/interview process and they have vet techs on hand.

Michele W. of Los Angeles

5-star Yelp Review (on 7-13-10)

An exceptional group of caring and capable people. We’ve had wonderful experience. They truly care. Thank you Brian, Chris, Kathleen, Penny and everyone at Paradise Ranch.

Jeff Z. of Los Angeles

5-star Yelp Review (on 11-7-11)

I was blown away! I had no idea that a place like this existed. I was just looking for a place to leave my little dachshund and my boyfriend’s two large dogs for the weekend, and checked this place out, hoping that it was better than leaving them in a kennel. Boy that turned out to be an understatement. Our dogs had it better than we did on our weekend vacation. My boyfriend’s dogs loved the water park (not so much my little dachshund…) but the whole time they were in beautiful yards or homes with other dogs and just seemed to be having the best time. We checked all 3 days on the web-cams and found them playing or lounging around with dogs of the same size, but the thing is, they seemed to be relaxed, just like they were hanging out at home with us. There wasn’t any of that incessant barking that we used to see at the kennel that we used. And there was a discount for multiple dogs, which made the cost seem quite reasonable. We will definitely be back.

Donna W. of Pacoima

5-star Yelp Review (on 10-6-11)

Only the BEST for those that give us the MOST!