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Meet the Owners

Paradise Ranch Pet Resort is owned by Kristyn Goddard and Brian Kneier, a happily married couple, who have the perfect partnership in life in love, and in business. They joined forces in 2008, and they each bring their own unique set of skills and abilities to the ongoing pursuit of their mutual dream: to give clients and their pets the world’s best dog boarding experience.



Kristyn Goddard is the creator of the cage-free dog boarding concept, which was born out of her empathy for dogs being locked up in a dog boarding kennel that she had just come into ownership of in 1995. Kristyn is a life-long animal lover, and she knew that there had to be a happier way to provide for the boarding of dogs. With the help of an expert dog trainer she soon learned a very important fact: all dogs are inherently social pack animals. This means that they can get along with other strange dogs in a new environment as long as they are in a balanced pack with a strong, confident, and fair leader…an alpha dog (…in our case, a well-trained dog handler). She found that if you evaluate every dog first, and follow the steps of careful introduction, pack socialization, and consistent leadership, that a balanced pack can be created and maintained in a boarding facility 24-hours-a-day, which is the key to the success of the Paradise Ranch formula.

Kristyn also has another wonderful attribute that has had a profound effect on the personality of Paradise Ranch Pet Resort, and that is her belief that everything she does in life has got to be first class. Simply being cage-free was not good enough, and everything at Paradise Ranch Pet Resort had to have the feel of a first-class resort. The effect of this belief can be seen everywhere at Paradise Ranch, and new clients have often been heard to remark “my dog is staying in a nicer resort than I am on my vacation!”


Brian Kneier has a background in the corporate world where he managed staffs of hundreds of people at a time. He brings to Paradise Ranch his great organizational skills, along with leadership qualities, and a very strong disposition towards customer satisfaction. When Brian started helping Kristyn run her business in 2008, he improved every aspect of the staff, providing the leadership to ensure proper training, motivation, accountability, and teamwork. Since Paradise Ranch employs a staff of about 30 (the highest staff-to-dog ratio in the pet services industry), Brian’s experience in leading and managing large teams ensures that every Team Member has the training, knowledge, and supervision to care for each client’s pet in the safest way possible.

Brian knows that Customer Satisfaction is best achieved when you exceed your customer’s expectations, and his personal motto is “The secret to success is doing what you have to do better than you have to do it”. His disposition toward customer satisfaction can be felt by every client that visits Paradise Ranch Pet Resort, but he insists that it has to be felt by the pets that board there also. Dogs prefer being in a pack environment, and they like exploring new areas, and they do not want to be locked up or left alone at any time, day or night. Other facilities that claim to be cage-free only allow limited play time and then lock dogs into private rooms alone. Dogs feel stress in any kind of solitary confinement (even in a fancy suite) and don’t find this kind of boarding nearly as enriching, and that’s why Paradise Ranch doesn’t do it, although it would be easier, less costly, and more profitable.



None of the great things that happen at Paradise Ranch Pet Resort would be possible if it wasn’t for the wonderful pet care staff that has been assembled at our canine boarding facility over the years. Paradise Ranch Pet Resort is blessed to have some of the finest trainers, customer service representatives, and animal handlers (and yes, even our landscapers, housekeepers, and handymen) most of who have been employed at Paradise Ranch for several years. And experience is a very important quality in the pet care industry, so our thanks go out to each and every one of them. We hope that you will come in and meet some of our fine Team Members and treat yourself and your pet to a tour of our beautiful pet boarding facility.

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