Day Care for Dogs and Cats

With convenient drop off and pick up hours, our Doggie Day Care is just the thing when your dog needs some exercise and fun and you’ve got work or errands to run.

Paradise Ranch offers Dog Day Care, a fun filled alternative that allows your dog to get some REAL exercise and socialization while you tend to your daily duties. Our drop-off and pick-up hours are 7 7 p.m. (except Sunday, 11-7)

All dogs MUST be evaluated prior to being admitted for day care.

Plan ahead: Make a reservation for a free “Tour and Evaluation” by calling 818-768-8708. After being evaluated, you don’t need a reservation for day care (Note: we suspend day care during major holidays).

Paradise Ranch Doggie Day Care & Transportation
Doggie Day Care
$35/day $300
10-day package
Mutt Cab
Pet transportation
$1.50/mile after 30 miles
No charge for additional dog(s)
Trip to Vet$35
(our vet)
(your vet)