Paradise Ranch Boarding RatesNightly Rate7+ Nights14+ Nights
Dog Boarding (per night) - One Pet$74$69$64
Dog Boarding (per night) - Multiple Pets (each)$64$59$54
Holiday Boarding Rates (per night) - One Pet$89$89$89
Holiday Boarding Rates (per night) - Multiple Pets (each)$89$89$89
Holiday Dates, 2017July 1 - 4Nov. 21 - 27Dec. 21 - Jan. 2

Paradise Ranch Doggie Day Care & Transportation
Doggie Day Care
$35/day $300/10-day package
Mutt Cab
(Pet transportation)
($1.50/mile after 30 miles)
No charge for additional dog(s)
Trip to Vet$35 (our vet)$75 (your vet)

Paradise Ranch
Prices & Packages
Single Lessons
(Note: We only recommend single lessons as a refresher. Discuss your needs with our certified trainer prior to booking)
One hour
(at Paradise Ranch)
$75 (incl. Day Camp)
One hour
(at your home)
“Mandatory Day Camp”No Charge!Day Camp visit prior to boarding that includes training to help socialize and prepare your pet for cage-free boarding.
Day Camp & Training Packages5-day Camp & Train + 1 private
10-day Camp & Train + 1 private
Boarding & Training Packages5-day Board & Train + 1 private
10-day Board & Train + 1 private
21-day Board & Train
Includes 21 Nights and 21 Lessons, plus LIFETIME GUARANTEE!**
It takes 21 days to change a dog’s habits, just like it does with people!

**LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Free lessons at Paradise Ranch as needed for the life of your dog AT Paradise Ranch (when the owner participates). $40 refresher lessons when dog boards at Paradise Ranch (when owner does not participate). Discounted in-home lessons for 6 months @ $110 per lesson (usually $187). 1st in-home lesson free.palm